School of Life Science IKBFU
Is one of the scientific and educational centers of the Baltic Federal University. Immanuel Kant, who is part of the elite group of Russian universities.

The history since 1544
The Institute of Living Systems was established on the basis of the faculty of bioecology. However, we are proud of the fact that Carl Ernst von Baer worked here, in Kaliningrad (earlier Königsberg). K.Baer was the founder of embryology and also he was the author of many other world discoveries.
Franz Ernst Christian Neumann was a Father of hematology. However, in biology Neumann is known as the founder of the theory of stem cells. He laid the foundation of cell biology, which nowadays is still the main direction of biology.

In 1910 in the University of Konigsberg Nobel laureate Paul Ehrlich announced the results of his research about cures for syphilis, which considered being an incurable disease.

The Institute of Living Systems is located in the oldest and the most beautiful building of the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University. Moreover it is the only building which was left from the University of Königsberg. On the each floor there are located modern labs and audiences.
Why SLS?
Education and new technologies
The small number of students allows having close and supportive communication between students and teachers. Moreover, we constantly introduce new educational technologies that allow you to gain knowledge and skills not only directly from the sphere of your future professional activities, but also the experience of student's self-realization in different spheres. We pay special attention to realization of student's own ideas.
Career opportunities
We constantly work together with organizations which form the direction of innovations in Russia, such as Agency for Strategic Initiatives, Rosatom, Rusnano, venture companies. Thereby we are always aware of all changes in those industries to which we prepare our students for.
Students and grants
We have a big number of scholarship programs for those, who are interested in their education. All our works aimed at students. Therefore, we help to realize all their beginnings.