School of Life Science Alumni
Elena Ilyushkina
Inspector-Chemist of the Customs Laboratory of the Kaliningrad Region
When you graduate from school and choose which university to enter, you always ask a whole heap of questions. From global: "What specialty to choose?", "Will the chosen specialty be claimed?" To elementary: "Will you meet characters with monogamists, teachers?", "Will you be at home comfortably at home?". And I can say with certainty that I have not lost the choice of a university for myself. After studying 4 years of bachelor's degree at the Department of Chemistry at the Institute of Living Systems (when it was still the chemistry and biology department) and continuing studying in the magistracy in the direction of "Bioorganic Chemistry", I do not regret a bit about the chosen specialty or the chosen university.
To summarize, I can say that to answer the question: "Who are you working for?" - "I'm a chemist", very cool. It's even steeper to say that you graduated from the IKBFU.

Sergey Senya
General Director of the Center for Mobile Phones and Tablets Service AppleSin, Kaliningrad
School of Life Science IKBFU is a bright stage of my life. I drew a lot of knowledge, life experience, met with original personalities. The Institute was an excellent and comfortable transition from the parental wing to an adult, independent life. Very strong teachers, good people, excellent organization of any activities. It's more than just a university, it's a special world, and everyone who studied and saturated with these everyday life will support me. I am proud of my university and I wish him prosperity and more bright people!

Vyacheslav Shmarov
Junior Researcher of the Laboratory of Cell Technologies of the Russian State Medical Center "RRC MPK", Moscow
In 2013 I graduated from the Graduate Institute of Living Systems of BFU. I. Kant in the direction of training "Biology", after which, one can say, "fell ill" biological science and continued his education in the postgraduate study of the Center for Medical Biotechnology BFU. For 4 years of study and work at the Center, he mastered almost all modern methods of research in the field of cellular biotechnology, passed a number of domestic and foreign internships, became the author of numerous articles, including in foreign publications with high IF. The instrument base, reagent, research methods are not that they are not inferior, but in some ways superior to those in universally recognized scientific research institutes.
Anton Omelchenko
Biochemist at Pharmapark, Moscow
Thank you very much HBI (now IZHS) for the wonderful preparation, which was very useful to me in my job placement. Of course, not everything was perfect, as the bioengineering was only in the test mode, but the arrival of the new administration gave an even greater impulse for development. During my education, student self-government was just beginning, but then life was very full. Any student could become an activist and in future his position could influence the decisions that are pressed at the institute.
Olga Popova
Pharmacist in OOO "Family Pharmacy" (RIGLA), Kaliningrad
Entering the School of Life Science, I was sure that I could get all the necessary knowledge and skills to build my career and successful employment. The Institute gave me not only professional knowledge, but also professional competencies that allowed me to work in one of Russia's largest pharmacies. Thank you very much, Institute of Living Systems! I now have a huge amount of knowledge and experience, having received your education.