bachelor's program "Chemistry"
The bachelor's program "Chemistry" is represented by modules that build students' knowledge of fundamental chemistry and its innovative aspects. The main part of the program is devoted to gaining practical skills in analytical chemistry, fine organic synthesis and chemical examination methods. We pay special attention to mastering the legal principles of applying chemical expertise and to information technologies involved. In addition, students study technological processes of chemical production, the technology of modern materials production and the ways it is set up. The program provides interdisciplinary modules in chemistry and biology, chemistry and physics.
The structure and features of the program
The program consists of mandatory modules and modules of student's choice. A special feature of the program is the possibility of a broad specialization, which includes related areas (studying modules from other specialties). Students are able to change the educational trajectory at the end of each year. Firstly, students choose one of three tracks: professional, scientific or innovative. The individual academic plan for each student is based on the choice of the track. Students have an opportunity to get a passport of competences in addition to the basic diploma. An example of the academic plan is presented here. Students who study in this program have the opportunity to have a free education in one of the leading EU universities. It is possible to have an individual educational trajectory and students can choose one or another specialization.

This type of education includes a classical lecture-seminar system and project works, online courses, discussion clubs and laboratory work.

Career and opportunities
The Bachelor of Chemistry has a wide range of career opportunities, including such directions as:
  • Food Quality Control
  • Quality Control in Petrochemical Production
  • Quality Control in Pharmaceutical Production
  • Production technologist (food industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry)
  • Chemist-expert in laboratories
  • Analyst in the bodies of state control
  • Analyst in pharmaceutical companies
  • Chemistry teacher
  • And etc.
Students can continue the education within the framework of the master's program in any directions
How to apply for the program?
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