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Principles and technologies for studying ecosystems. Global ecology. Technologies of ecosystem's design. Ecology of natural communities. Processes and technologies of ecological supervision. Urboecology. Laboratory methods and technologies of ecological control. Modern technologies of ecological education. Principles of the state ecological policy.
The structure of the program
The program is based on the principle of complex training of the students in the sphere of monitoring of ecosystems of different types and the construction of artificial ecosystems. Students are welcome to make a lot of educational projects alone or in groups.
Features of the program
Work on real projects, interaction with companies, and the opportunity of free semester studying in one of the leading European universities. If a student needs to have an individual studying plane, we provide it.
Maximum of Opportunities
At your disposal are Science and Technology Park called Factory, Innovarium, Modern laboratories and the newest hostels.
Career and opportunities
Institute of Living Systems BFU of Immanuel Kant helps its graduates to find good jobs in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Graduates of the program can apply for leading positions in various sectors of the economy, federal ecological supervision systems, the system of national parks and in the sphere of education.

How to apply for the program?
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