Unique, diverse, interesting - this is something that will remain forever in memory after graduation from the university

Student detachments
The country's largest youth organization, which provides temporary employment for the summer (for the summer), more than 240,000 young people from 72 regions of the country, and also engages in civil and patriotic upbringing, develops the creative and sporting potential of youth. SUMMIT APEC-2012, service of the XXII Olympic and XI Paralympic Games in Sochi 2014, World Festival of Youth and Students 2017, Construction of World Cup 2018 facilities, All-Russian student pedagogical detachment "Dolphin.RU", All-Russian construction "Vostochny Cosmodrome" and much more . We know for sure that # TrudKrut!
Student Council
This is a public association of students of our institute, a body of student self-government. The activities of our Student Council are structurally distributed according to the educational, scientific, cultural-mass, sports-health and information directions. What to choose and what to do - it's up to you.

Welcome sociable, motivated to success, active children, whose goal, along with education, is the organization and conduct of extracurricular activities not only at the university level, but also at the Russian and foreign levels - in other words - active participation in the life of our institute!

Association of Young Researchers
We unite and comprehensively support children who are willing to engage in science and actively participate in the scientific life of the institute.

The scientists of our institute will help you to determine the direction of further research. We are ready to help in the promotion of student research projects for the grant support.

Volunteers of the FIFA 2018 World Cup in Russia ™
In IKBFU opened Volunteer Center of the FIFA 2018 World Cup in Russia ™, which already selects and prepares the 2018 World Cup and the Confederations Cup FIFA 2017. The center is one of 15 across the country where in total more than 20 thousand Volunteers. Volunteer World Cup 2018 can become you!
Sport Club
Friends, bright feelings, real emotions, new heights and achievements, exhausting workouts, ups and downs, disappointments and victories are all student sports! Studentism is the time of becoming a person, self-realization, discovery and opportunity.